A scalable digital health tool kit to do more faster.

Crescent by Vessel Partners allows easy configuration and full customization of your product while delivering a better experience for you and your users.

Crescent App
Care Suite
Create the perfect interface for your team.  Care Suite makes it easy to monitor patients, schedule, communicate, and document so they can focus on patient care.


Mange internal workflow and patient care plans


Monitor patient vitals and clinical observations


Document encounters


Schedule visits


Connect with patients over chat and video


Extend to what you need

Automation Kit
Automate personalized patient interactions across email, text message, push notifications and in app messages. Publish new content to your patient app at any time. Configure surveys and other application functions without code.


Create personalized patient engagement flows


Create and edit questionnaires


Publish content instantly


Extend to what you need

admin feature
Admin Dashbaord
Seamlessly onboard your team, invite patients, and get a comprehensive view of what everyone is doing.


Invite and onboard patients


Invite and mange your team


Monitor patient interactions


Extend to what you need

aware case study
Case Study
George Washington University and MedStar Health developed a novel program for young adult cancer survivors with the goal of helping participants regain hope for their future.

The program offers video visits with a trained care team, weekly content, reflection exercises, and health behavior tracking. They wanted to offer their participants an excellent experience and knew a traditional EHR wouldn’t be able to provide it.

Crescent allowed the team, with the help of Vessel Partners, to create a custom HIPAA complaint application for participants, program admins, and the care team to deliver this new intervention at a fraction of the time and cost of developing it from scratch.am, invite patients, and get a comprehensive view of what everyone is doing.
Care Suite

Aware used Crescent's Care Suite to to invite patients, assign a care team, allow patients to schedule video visits based on team availability. It also provided simple patient charts with relevant patient data and the ability to take structured notes for each visit.

Automation Kit

Personalized reminders for visits, daily logging, and weekly module completion were easy to creat with the Journeys feature in Automation Kit. The study team was also able to publish modules and reflection exercises without relying on developers to make updates.

Admin Dashboard

With the Admin Dashboard study coordinators are able to monitor each participant’s adherence to the program and engagement with the app. Amins can also view the whole team's schedule and manage the availability for each member of the care team.

Focus on what makes your product unique and let Crescent handle the rest.

Send User Invites

Increase your signup rates with a system to easily add users and send them personalized  invitations. This simplifies the signup process and gets users started quickly.

Collect E-Consent

Streamline your recruitment workflow by uploading user consent documents to Crescent and letting your product collect e-signatures.


Provide Telehealth services or user support with integrated systems for chat. Like many of the Crescent’s offerings, chat can be hosted in the cloud or on your own servers.

Configure Surveys

Easily configure and manage surveys for collecting user info or validated clinical assessments. This system also makes scoring surveys easy and data more visible to your team.

Automate Messages & Notifications

Create personalized emails, texts, and notifications with a rule based system to automatically deliver the right messages to the right users at the right time.

Add & Edit Content

Have full control of the content in your product with a CMS that allows you to add, edit, and view articles, images, videos, and more.

Follow Live User Data

Know what your users are up to at all times with a stream of live user data in a HIPAA compliant analytics interface.

Build Accessible UI

Build healthcare specific interfaces faster with a modern UI kit designed for accessibility. Provide a better experience for everything from simple forms to intelligent medication lookups.

Mange Care Plans and Team Workflow

Provide a great clinical or admin support with a shared team inbox of clear tasks and statuses. With your user's data at your fingertips your team can process requests faster and provide a great experience to your users.